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Everybody says it's gonna be
the way it was when we were both so free
The light is gonna shine on down
The magic's gonna come around
But nothing ever does return to us
And you were just a little girl and I was
Your only love, your only one
Back then we stood alone beneath the sun

 And everybody came to look at you
Beneath the moon you looked so true
But the catastrophic signs were all about
The dreamers put their words into your mouth
Lovers in eternity we were
Lying in the morning sun we saw
Everything that you could dream
The wasted time, the wasted scenes



It was oh so long ago
Beneath the sun, so long ago
We stood beneath the sun, so long ago
It was oh so long ago



 I dreamed beneath the orange moon
To the lady with the unicorn
You were my darling, my lover
My true to life restorer of justice
But everything was just a dream
And everything was just as it seemed
You drifted off into the sky
With every word I spoke I lied



The love, the dark, the drifting stars
The tangled nights and useless wars
The story grew so old, so shallow
And still we walked the ground you hallowed
But everything I did I did for you
And every word I spoke I spoke for you
At least that's what we always said
At least that's what still rattles in my head



 (Repeat Chorus)



 And soon we fell into the past
The present couldn't ever last
Your lessons, they were much too clever
I never learned a one, not ever
But we had both been warned before
The confusion over love and war
When you saw one I saw the other
It was habit that we called ourselves lovers



 I remember beneath those burning skies
As the fire leapt into your eyes
They shone just like a sign from heaven
It was the last time that I ever saw them
And truth never comes but once you know
And love dies beneath the winter snow
But I can not forget, no never
I dream of you, I'll dream forever



 (Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat first verse)


(Repeat Chorus)